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Dezful Jundi Shapur University president announced

Invite domestic and foreign researchers to co-operate in “the Congress of Ancient Jundi-Shapur"

He said, one of the aims of the National Congress of ancient Jundi-Shapur, is recognition of the status of the city and the University of the Sassanid era. He added Scientific Committee of Congress to recognize the different aspects of this great historical relic, has invited the researchers. Dr.Assari said, the main subjects of the Congress are: Validation of historical data about Jundi-shapur, aspects of urban development and architecture, art and music, and share linguistic aspects of language and translation at Jundi-shapur time, review the social and cultural fields, research and educational structure, scientific and medical schools of the ancient Jundi-shapur university, politics and the governance from Jundi-shapur to Baghdad, common techniques in the IT industry and agriculture and the effects of this ancient city in the Islamic civilization and human culture. He also mentioned that he hops researchers from abroad who have done research in the areas mentioned by sending their works, they provide their scientific and cultural heritage enthusiasts, so, neglected in the past due to lack of awareness about the Jundi-shapur treasures be largely wiped out. Jundi- Shapur university president ended his speech by mentioning that the congress site is active and the site also links to the Ministry of science, research and technology, so, all the Congress news directly displayed on this site. National Congress of ancient Jundi-shapur has collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Committee on Culture and Civilization of Islam and Iran, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and the University of Jundi -Shapur will be held in February of this year.

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