Dean of Architecture and Urban planning department

Dr. Koorosh Attarian (Vice-Chancellor)

Assistant Professor of Architecture Department

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Jundi-Shapur University of Technology, Dezful , Iran


tell: 0098614242800  Int.. 2042 and 2030

fax : 00986142430422


Architecture and Urban planning department

Mission: The recognition, and the study of, the ancient city of Gundi-Shapur  from the point of view architecture and urban planning, the study of the art and artifacts used in the ancient ancient city of Gundi-Shapur , and finally drawing a ancient-urban pattern of Gundi-Shapur .


The Short-run (two-year) Mission of the Research Team

Determining the ancient land and city of Gundi-Shapur 

Conducting Research on engineering Infrastructures in ancient Gundi-Shapur 

Collecting and producing comprehensive science on the history, art and architecture of Gundi-Shapur 

Preparing an operational map for conducting operational research in the historic site of Gundi-Shapur 

Introducing and explicating the architectural and urban style in Gundi-Shapur  

Recognizing Jundi-Shapur ’s urban influence area 


The Long-run (five-year) Mission of the Research Team

Documenting engineering practices for water supply infrastructure and building construction in Gundi-Shapur 

Determining the method of constructing the city of Gundi-Shapur  to be introduced internationally 

Setting the background for international registration of  the area of Gundi-Shapur  

Presenting Gundi-Shapur ’s artistic style in architecture and urban planning as the cradle of the ancient science and the Islamic history of the country