Long-term Scopes

1. Establishing an organic link between the competent and accountable organizations pertinent to Gundi-Shapur  (including the Cultural Heritage Organization and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) with the aim of integrating capital as well as material and intellectual research facilities

2. Organizing and integrating researches, explorations and field studies on Gundi-Shapur  while preserving and protecting the geographical status of the area

3. Organizing and macro-managing the site of Gundi-Shapur  and its archaeological condition by producing relevant content and creating a deep and integrated atmosphere of study on the history of higher education in Iran both in Persian and in international languages

4. Establishing an advisory center in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in the field of higher education studies in Iran, in the region, and in the world

5. Conducting research on the structure, content, shape and nature of Gundi-Shapur  University City campus in the various fields of humanities, natural sciences and engineering with the aim of restoring and recognizing what Iranians have done over the centuries to expand knowledge boundaries

6. Contributing to the scientific and technological development of northern Khuzestan through research related to modern science and technology inspired by Gundi-Shapur 's scientific heritage


Short-term Scopes

1. Reaching the top scientific and research rank in the country

2. Gaining the status of scientific authority in the region

3. Conducting large-scale research projects in collaboration with stakeholders

4- Presenting innovations or patents in modern sciences and technologies

6- Providing physical facilities and laboratory equipment fitting the gained authority

11- Producing science in the fields of engineering and relevant modern applied products, taking into account the potential of the region and the world

12- Determining the method of constructing the city of Gundi-Shapur  to be introduced internationally

13- Setting up research-based businesses on the basis of existing local and international circumstances and potentials

14- Establishing a bridge for new scientific communication following the mission of Gundi-Shapur  Ancient University as the axil of knowledge dissemination and a center for development of modern science in history

15- Research in the field of engineering with the aim of developing potential regional and international infrastructures

16- Establishing a research center in Khuzestan with an emphasis on new research infrastructures in engineering

17- Organizing and macro-managing the site and the archeological status of Gundi-Shapur 

18- Setting the background for international registration of the area of Gundi-Shapur 

19- Presenting Gundi-Shapur ’s artistic style in architecture and urban planning as the cradle of the ancient science and the Islamic history of the country

20- Determining the precious heritage site of Gundi-Shapur 

21- Collecting and producing comprehensive science on the history, art and architecture of Gundi-Shapur 

22- Preparing an operational map for conducting operational research in the historic site of Gundi-Shapur 

23- Creating a deep and integrated atmosphere of study on the history of higher education in Iran both in Persian and in international languages

24- Managing the provision of, and access to, documents and data obtained by the center both nationally and internationally